about us

RILON LTD is a privately-owned company based in Belgrade, engaged in the production and sale of PP synthetic fibers, BCF filament, CF yarn and staple fibers, with a wide range of decitex and colors, with or without UV stabilizers, as per customer needs and requirements.

The production facility of the RILON factory is located in the town of Odžaci, only 90 miles away from Belgrade and 15 from the EU border.

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Our story

The factory was founded in 1907 as a hemp fiber and rope factory, and in time it has grown into a modern factory that produces polypropylene (PP) synthetic fibers.

Today our production program is based on PP fibers and yarns.

Rilon is currently the sole manufacturer of staple fiber in Serbia.

about the factory

The factory is equipped with the latest technology for synthetic fiber production, which is a guarantee of the top quality for local and international customers.

The existing capacity satisfies the production of 150 tons of staple fiber, 96 tons of filaments as well as 10 tons of finished and 20 of unfinished yarn on a monthly level, with potential for growth.

RILON factory is certified according to the standards: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 by the Swiss certification company SGS.

what we do?

High quality raw materials that are used in the production of granules are: TATREN HG 1007 and TIPPLEN H 145 F and lubricating oils: LERTISAN NF1471 and NOVAFIL AR16.

Polypropylene staple fiber is used in the manufacture of needle carpets, sanitary and household articles, geotextile, agro technical files, filters and isolation materials, etc. We also produce staple fiber with UV stabilizers.

BCF yarn is used in the textile floor industry and the production of packaging fabrics (big bags) and trimmings. We produce BCF with a wide range of decitex and color palettes, with or without UV stabilizer, as per customer requirements.

CF yarn is used in the rope industry and for trimmings.

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