bcf yarn

BCF is used in textile floor industry and the production of packaging fabrics (big bags) and trimmings. We produce BCF with a wide range of decitex and color palettes, with our without UV stabilizer, as per customer requirement.


product range

The fineness ranges from 1600/135, 2100/135 and 2600/135 dcef.

strength ranges

The tensile strength ranges from 2.2 to 4 cN/dtex


The spools are wound on 4 kg cylindrical tubes and packed on pallets wrapped in foil.

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about BCF yarn

BCF is an acronym for Bulked Continuous Filament. BFC is synthetic PP fibers in a continuous form. Production is similar to CF Yarns, but filaments are texturized to increase bulk and cover. Texturizing changes the straight filaments into kinked or curled configurations.

Bulking is processing yarn to fluff it up and give more coverage with the same weight. Bulking also adds to fiber resiliency.

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